About Us

Chams Network is a youth-led, feminist social enterprise which independently generates revenue through small to medium entrepreneurial initiatives, providing humanitarian communication consulting services to CSOs and INGOs and organizing community events. With its profit, Chams designs and/or programs that create positive social impact, build community wealth, and directly improve the life skills of people facing barriers to personal development in the Middle East.



The issue

Toxic political, economic and social environments lead to social exclusion, and with time, exclusion causes conflict and conflict paves the way for further toxicity, exploitation, dependency and eventually; fragile human security.


Be it the dependency of a community's women on its patriarchs, the dependency of youth on life-draining jobs, or the dependency of vulnerable and refugee communities on aid agencies, we have made it our mission to break these toxic cycles and support
individuals in taking a leap from being at the receiving end of help, to becoming independent providers of goods and services.
We are utilizing a combination of educational, psychosocial, artistic and business tools aimed at empowering marginalized individuals and building a more evenly distributed future.

Develop goods, services, and safe spaces to promote community wellness and sustainable livelihoods for those in need. Chams will invests in other development organizations that advance human rights for all, particularly women and children. We do so through quality products and services that engage customers in social responsibility as well ass organizing cultural events which break social barriers and bring people together.


Through mentorship and empowerment, we aim at building a network of local communities that combine economic activity with social benefit, led by dynamic social entrepreneurs, wherever we may find them.

Strategic Vision

Chams will continue working towards a peaceful and booming Middle East, while enhancing its position as a recognized actor
amongst the region's most impactful youth-led non-governmental organization.

In fulfilling this role, Chams will:
Promote reconciliation and partnership amongst conflicting communities through establishing mutual opportunities for development, while fully engaging young social change makers in planning and sustaining small to medium social actions projects.
Expand and upscale our programs on the national and regional levels, through partnering with like-minded youth groups and experts in all of Syria, Egypt, Jordan and Turkey.

The message
To achieve our strategic vision

On the community service projects level, Chams will continue to think globally and act locally, promote cultural and knowledge exchange between countries, communities and individuals.

Chams will expand its partnership map and reach out to international experts in the fields of development and wellbeing.


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