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Chams House

Chams House is our socioeconomic pillar.

Chams House is a creative hub that promotes handmade items crafted by local artisans, and the artworks of unknown artists in the Middle East. Chams House is also a cozy venue for cultural events, gallery openings, movie screenings, workshops, training and seminars.

Chams House is based on making markets work for the poor (M4P).

Through Chams House, we aim at reducing poverty by enhancing the ways that disadvantaged and displaced communities interact with local markets; By doing so, we hope to revive traditional Syrian, Palestinian and Lebanese crafts and artisanship. 


Items like natural soaps, oils, notebooks and embroidered towels fall under our brand “Zaman” and are crafted by individuals or groups who are in need of financial and moral support. When you buy an item listed on the page, you would be directly donating money to the person who made it, who is either a refugee, single mother, struggling artist or small local NGO.

Aside from being displayed at Chams House, products and artwork are cyclically displayed at several pop-ups & bazaars around Lebanon, in Barcelona and at the "Refugee-made Bazaar in Boston - Massachusetts.

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Jeha Building,Forn El Shebbak

Damascus Str., Bldg 73

Baabda District

Beirut - Lebanon

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