2016 - 2018

Fifty Syrian & Syrian Palestinian illiterate & vulnerable children residing in Shatila urban refugee camp in Beirut Children underwent a holistic program which provided nonformal education, psychosocial support and wellness activities. Today, all of the 50 child are literate and attending school.

A Curative Educational Program for Displaced Children & Youth.

In 2016, Befriend Me began as a social experiment with the goal of breaking barriers and creating bridges between the Lebanese (host) and Syrian (refugee) communities, by bringing young university students and refugee children residing in the Sabra & Shatila urban refugee camps in Beirut, to share ideas, hobbies and knowledge while learning and having fun.

I have the right to learn 

I have the right to play 

I have the right to Explore 

The project then developed into a tutoring program, in which each tutor would befriend a refugee child and teach him/her a skill such as music, arts or chess, while supporting them through their illiteracy struggle and subsequent academic process.

The second phase for BeFriend Me is the educational and well-being project, which was launched in October 2017 at a new location in a town called Bchamoun, in Lebanon's Aley district, with the aim of taking the kids out of the harsh, violent and grim setting of the urban camps, to a haven surrounded by trees and fresh air.

Its goal is to provide educational support, tutoring, medical and dental checkups to 50 orphaned children, who have at least one legal guardian - be it a direct relative or single parent who provides housing. The kids also receive a dietitian’s follow-up with a customized diet to improve the health of each one of them.

I have the right to Love 

The entire process is based on each child’s own ability to assimilate and expand the information he or she is receiving; meaning a 12-year-old might be in grade 5 English, Grade 2 Math and Grade 6 Arabic simultaneously.

Our Approach is inspired by the Montessori educational system, and infused with our own approach to music and art therapy

I have the right to imagine 

I have the right to


I have the right to choose 

I have the right to believe 

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