The Chams Learning Centre (C.L.C.)


Thousands of Syrian refugee children face many difficulties in coping with and accelerating in the Lebanese educational system. This is due is differences between the Syrian and Lebanese curriculum, the foreign language aspect (be it French or English), the tiring afternoon shifts and the overcrowded classrooms, many children cannot read and write at their age, and are passing classes but not gaining any substantial knowledge.


Unfortunately, due to the traumatic history between the two countries, abuse, sectarianism and bullying is very common in most public Lebanese schools that host refugee children.

Chams's educational center is located in Deir-Ammar, a village in the North of Lebanon (suburbs of Tripoli).

This village has a large population of Syrian homes, and it is also surrounded by numerous tented settlements. The schools which serve these areas are even weaker than those in big cities such as Beirut and Tripoli, leaving Syrian communities with high rates of school drop outs, illiteracy and an increased sense of exclusion.

At the C.L.C. we teach Arabic, French and English languages, sciences and math as after-school support. The teachers are a group of young refugee women and vulnerable Lebanese university graduates.

The centre also provides psychosocial support activities in collaboration with mental health experts and specialists. We focus on self recognition and self love, creativity, arts and culture.

We also include sports as a tool for peace-building and community development.

The centre serves an average of 150 students, between steady attendees and activity participants.

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