Aleppo soap is named for the city in which it was first made – Aleppo, which lies in the northwest corner of Syria; and for centuries, was a bustling trade center, nestled between China to the east, Africa to the south, and Europe to the west. The first documented production of Aleppo soap dates back to the 8th century, though it is very well known that the mastery dates centuries prior.

It is the oldest soap in the world, no doubt there.

Today, many industrial soap-makers are marketing as Aleppo soap, but many mainstream products may contain other additives and chemicals, to tint their soaps into the desired color or scent.

Hence traditional Aleppo soap, made in the traditional ways in its city of origin, is the gold standard, which production of has slowed tremendously in recent years, and even halted completely in some areas rendering the future of authentic Aleppo soap uncertain.

In an effort to preserve what was left of this timeless tradition, “Zeytoun” established a network of old-school soap producers, artisans who live in Aleppo, use 100% natural ingredients and have absolute mastery on the world's most ancient soap-making techniques, passed down from generation to generation, within their families, for hundreds of years.

Aleppo Soap - Rose Oil


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