If they [companies] believe they are in business to serve people, to help solve problems, to use and employ the ingenuity of their workers to improve the lives of people around them by learning from the nature that gives us life, we have a chance.
~ Paul Hawken

I - Project Design

When coming up with new and creative ideas for impact-oriented projects becomes an increasingly tedious task, we can take over. 


We identify your target audience, beneficiary profile and previous endeavors., then put together a specialized team, who will design full-fledged, ready to take off projects for you, based on international standards of child-protection policies, modern educational methods, donor requirements & most importantly, social need; be it in protection-centered projects, livelihoods, gender equality or arts & culture.

II - Grant Search & Acquisition

As a Network, we use our connections, partners, freelancers and advisers to build bridges between potential donors and grassroots civil society groups and initiatives.


We have access to a variety of exclusive data-bases and platforms which disseminate world-wide grants and projects. 

We support nonprofits through-out the grant search process, grant cycle and maintaining donor relations. 

We prepare project-proposals based on intricate research, while mentoring the NGO's team. 

Our Services

In a Nutshell

III - Strategic Communication

What it means

Strategic Communication means communicating a concept, a message, or a need through a process that satisfies a long term strategic goal of an organization.

How we do it

We design full-fledged internal/external communication strategies. Which means:

Our copywriters, translators, project managers and program officers will reshape and scaffold the internal and outbound communication approaches, as well as the tone of voice and visual identity of your civil society organization, initiative or project.


  • Your Mission & Vision, and your short term objectives must be clear and set.

  • Your Theory of Change as well.

  • We set up an efficient internal reporting system which facilitates archiving and external reporting, keeping your team members, as well as your donors, on the same page at all times.

​As for your public image, we enhance your external relations and outreach by creating attractive content, informational kits and high-quality reports. 

IV-Graphic & Web Design

According to each initiative or NGO's needs, we gather a team of freelancers and create or refurbish the visual identity according to global civil society current design guidelines and trends.

- Logo and relevant visual identity design

- Stationery design 

- Website design, Programming & domain setup

- Social Media platform setup and management

- Content creation and dissemination

- Videography/Video Editing, Reporting

- Creative Copywriting / Translation

- 2d/3d Animation

Shams Network provides capacity building workshops in proper and impact oriented communication for initiative members and NGO staff given by specialized Shams Network team members and advisors, such workshops aim at equipping young social activists with the proper tools to maintain and expand their reach and impact.

In other words, we'd much rather teach you how to fish than keep you reliant on us for every move.

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